Prince Albert, Prince Consort

Prince Albert Full Name: Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Born: 26th August 1819 Son of Ernest, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and Louise of Saxe-Gotha Attenburg Married: His cousin, Queen Victoria, 10th February 1840 My monthly series on the spouse of the monarch. Albert is a significant first post owing to his title. When... Continue Reading →

Henry VII

Henry VII Full Name: Henry Tudor Born: 28th January 1457, Pembroke Castle Son of Edmund Tudor and Margaret Beaufort Reigned: 22nd August 1485 - 21st April 1509 The Tudors. This name stimulates images of Henry VIII standing impressively in regal robes. You probably know which painting I am describing. If not, simply google Henry VIII... Continue Reading →

Windsor Series: George V

George V Full Name: George Frederick Ernest Albert Born: 3rd June 1865 Son of Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark Reigned: 1910 - 1936 Hobby: Stamp Collecting (he took this very seriously) The Grandson of Queen Victoria, who was not meant to be┬áking, grew up in the strict and proper society emerging in Britain in... Continue Reading →

Charles II

King Charles II Born: 29th May 1630, St James' Palace Son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria Reigned: 1660 - 1685 "The King who brought back Partying!" My favourite King. This may surprise some people as his reputation has not always been the best. Womaniser is the main derogatory noun used to describe him, owing... Continue Reading →

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria Full Name: Alexandrina Victoria Born: 24th May 1819, Kensington Palace Daughter of Edward, Duke of Kent and Victoria Saxe-Coburg Reigned: 1837 - 1901 Until Sept 2015, she had been the longest reigning English Monarch. Having been on the throne for 63 years she had not only seen the vast changes of the Industrial... Continue Reading →

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