The Weekly Monarch .6

Queen Anne Full name: Anne Stuart Born: 6th February 1665, St James' Palace Daughter of James II and Anne Hyde Reigned: 8th March 1702 - 1st of August 1714 If you know anything about Queen Anne, you will probably know that when she died she was so large her coffin was almost square. Or you... Continue Reading →

The Weekly Monarch .5

Louis XVI Full name: Louis Auguste de France Born: 23rd August, 1754 at Versailles Son of Louis Dauphin of France and Maria Josepha of Saxony Reigned: 10th May 1774 - 10th August 1793 (executed 21st January 1793) This post is late...I know, I've had a very busy week, so therefore I'm making this one a... Continue Reading →

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